A Guide for a car in Dubai; How to keep your car clean

I was not surprised when I looked through this news article, which says: “Driving wheels has nine times more germs than in the toilet,” so how clean is your car? My subsequent investigation into the above case simply indicates that the data was indeed obvious. Experts have confirmed that, although at every square inch the place had a normal 80 microorganisms, this number was 700 in the car. What made me so much more dynamic was how I had called for dinner in my damn car for centuries! Your glamor car with all that concerns the surface, can deceive you. We need to find the dirtiest areas in your car. If you own a car, you can clean it, but if you hire a car from car rental, you should also consider it in your car so that it is clean.


When cleaning cars, the vast majority do not even think about wiping the steering wheel – believe me, even I will not do this and forget to do it – not to mention the fact that it was cleaned properly. However, the steering wheel is a part that is mostly unclean, and if you hurry, you encourage yourself with a multitude of microbes.

Seat covers

If you eat most of the time in your car, it is likely that you pulled out seat covers with a few rinses. Think not to increase the growth of germs in your car, until your child simply poured the coke in the seat, and you forgot to wash it.

Car Boot

Scientists have confirmed that car boots are the dirtiest of any other place on earth in a car with huge germs that we can all have in your car. Sorry, Too much dirt to ignore what we do daily. We use daily grocery bags to store even grocery vegetables and think as soon as we transfer these deadly bacteria to our home.

Under the Seat

Areas that are out of reach are mostly unclean and thus become an ideal breeding ground for microbes. Such places under the seat is a place where bacteria grow, and we do not even care about this behavior to clean such a car.


Foot bags are sure to be dirty because they are always in contact with our shoes, but this does not mean that this space should remain polluted and remain unclean. You need to clean your shoes at all costs if you want to cool and hygienize your air because you breathe in the air while breathing.